'Paint Your Pet' Painting Classes

Paint a portrait of your favorite furry friend on a stretched canvas, your choice of size, from start to finish in one 3-hour painting session.

Artistic talent and/or painting experience are not required!

We will sketch a detailed drawing of your pet on your canvas before you come to the studio; 

then we'll guide you through the painting, step-by-step!

Heres how it works:


  1. Sign up for the next Paint Your Pet class HERE or at the Blackfoot Art Center studio at 73 N. Broadway. At that time you will select a canvas size for your painting. 
  2. Take (or choose) a good picture of your pet. We recommend clear, high-resolution headshots/close-ups for best results.  The photo should show your pet’s personality, possibly including a toy or a ball - or just those big puppy eyes!
  3. Email your pet picture to us at blackfootartcenter@gmail.com. Send more than one photo if you’re are not sure and we will select the best one to transfer to the canvas for you. (See below for more about sending photo files.)
  4. We will sketch your furry best friend on a stretched canvas of your chosen size.
  5. You come to the pet painting class and paint that cute furry baby with us!

In order to prepare your canvas for painting, your seat must be booked and paid for and your pet photo(s) must be emailed to us at least 2 days before the date of the class. (Pet Photo due date is shown on your selected Paint Your Pet event seat reservation page.) If you can't decide, send us your favorite photos and we'll select and transfer the photo we think is best suited for your pet's best portrait. Multiple images of pets must be labeled with your name (not your pet's) and a number to indicate your favorite photo (such as Smith-1, Smith-2, etc.).


Only ONE pet per portrait. Why? There is a time constraint & limited space on your canvas. When multiple pets are attempted in one portrait sitting, the quality of each pet's image is deteriorated and can cause you to feel frustrated, rushed or disappointed. Instead, come back next month and paint another pet portrait! Or, book your own private pet painting party and bring your friends!


Paint Your Pet classes are normally scheduled on the 4th Saturday of each month, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Doors open at 12:30 pm. Please be on time so you will have three full hours to complete your pet portrait.


Oh, one more thing!

Please leave your furry friend at home! As much as we love them, this is a people-only event!