Scholarships & Camperships

The Blackfoot Art Center offers scholarship assistance to prospective campers with financial need. This assistance is available to both individuals and families. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to attend Art Classes and Camps! To apply, download our Art Class/Camp Scholarship Application, complete, and sign it. You must complete a separate Scholarship Application for each child for whom you are seeking financial assistance. Return the form(s) with any required documentation to the Art Center in person or by mail or email.


Scholarship and Camperships are limited, so please apply early for the class or camp you are interested in. We will do our best to provide scholarship funding for your child to attend camp provided funds are available. Please note: Parents are expected to pay a percentage of the class or camp enrollment, based on income, cost of the camp, family size, and other factors. 

Would you like to nominate a student or a family member or friend for a class or camp scholarship?

If so, please complete this downloadable Scholarship Nomination Form: 

Downloadable Campership Applications

(for Summer and School Break Art Camps):

More ways to get discounted ART Camp Enrollment Fees!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Discounts cannot be combined, so choose the discount option

that provides the best financial benefit for your family.


Sibling Discounts

Enroll one child at full weekly price, get 50% off one sibling's enrollment 

If registering for two different camps, discount applies to the lower cost enrollment fee. 

You must register at the Blackfoot Art Center Studio to receive this discount. 


Online Registration

Register online and receive $10 off each weekly registration; no restrictions!


In-Kind Donation Discount

Make a donation of needed supplies for our Art Studio or MakerSpace

and get a discount on enrollment fees!

Bring in your recyclables or a few items from our MakerSpace supply list and get a discount

on your child's Art Camp enrollment. Here are our current needs:



tin cans (cleaned, labels removed)

foam meat trays (sanitized in dishwasher)

cardboard tubes, any size

Terms: Get $5 off your enrollment fee for each bagful of these items, up to two bags or $10 off.


Craft Supplies/Tools

 craft sticks( flat or round, plain or colored)

Perler beads and peg boards

rubber bands

aluminum foil

golf tees

button magnets

hot melt glue sticks (any size)

glue sticks

Elmer's white glue

Wikki Stix

balloons (any size)

magnifying glasses (glass, good quality)

Terms: Bring in your store receipt(s) with your donation and get the total amount plus $5 off your enrollment fee.


Building Sets (any size, partial, used sets okay)



Tinker Toys (also called Makit Woodbuilders)

KEVA Planks

Terms: Used, any size building set in good condition - we will negotiate the value and apply it to your enrollment fee.

New, any size building set - bring in your receipt and get that amount plus a 20% discount on your enrollment fee.


We will update this list periodically so please check back!

Our Scholarship & Campership Donors