The Blackfoot ART Center opened in 2006, when owner Sandra Weston thought it would be a good idea to teach art classes in the basement of her home. It was great except for the lack of natural light and space to move around the way artists need to move around. 


She moved the Art Center to the Blackfoot Community Center for a time, where she found  better light and a lot more room. She taught after school art classes and summer camps, until moving to a dedicated-to-art facility in downtown Blackfoot, which had even more room, more light, and became a wonderful setting more art-making opportunities. Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic forced the BAC to shut down for a time. In May 2020, the BAC moved back to its original location on Meridian St. in Blackfoot.


At the Blackfoot Art Center, we like to say "everyone's an artist!" In that vein, we are proud to offer quality art lessons and classes in the Blackfoot area.

The "earth" without "art" is just "eh."


Here are a few more great ART places:

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The Artitorium on Broadway

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