School-At-Home ART Club


In an abundance of caution, we have chosen to close our downtown location to observe Idaho's stay-at-home directive and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


However, we WANT our students to KEEP MAKING ART! We understand that  the creative process is valuable and meaningful, especially in stressful or uncertain times. It is an essential means of self-expression, relaxation, fun, and enjoyment. With that being said, we are now 




The goal of the Blackfoot ART Center is to help our students (meaning everyone!) to continue to be creative, imaginative art-makers.  To achieve this, we are posting art lessons, activities, and project ideas on our weblog. To participate, simply visit our weblog to learn more and to follow along!


n  Lessons will include step-by-step instructions and sample artwork, printable art handouts, and helpful links to additional art instruction websites, videos, and tutorials. 
n  Art supplies needed for most lessons will be common or easily found household materials and recyclables.
n  We will post lessons and project ideas as often as possible. Students are free to decide which projects they would like to do and when to do them.
n  Submit photos of your completed artwork! We would love to post your artwork on our weblog or here on our website or on our Facebook page! Simply take a photo of the artwork and email it to us at
n  If a lesson suggestion sparks an original art project idea, or if an artist has a unique art-making idea of his/her own, by all means - create it! Originality and creative thinking are what art is all about. Remember to send us a photo of your artwork!
n Here are some tips for creating your own in-home art room or art studio
n  Here is a printable list of Art Supplies for Young Artists.

Here is a list of all posted lessons; updated here regularly:


Family Drawing Games - Six drawing games

Collaborative Drawing Games - Three drawing games

Fill Up Your Paper Drawing Challenges - Three fun challenges

Draw and Paint a Bunny - Three different ways

Easter Egg Art - Four Pysansky egg art ideas + another just for fun!

Every Kid Needs A Sketchbook - Why, and how to make your own

Every Kid Needs a Sketchbook 2 - Getting into the sketchbook habit

Be a Doodler! - Why doodling is good for your brain, doodle games

Wildlife in the City - A fun Earth Day photography project

Earth Day ART Ideas - Celebrate Earth Day with even more nature-based art projects for all ages!

Silly Alphabet Drawing Game - Create your own personal alphabet by yourself or play the game! 

Halloween Art Ideas - A whole month's worth of our favorite Halloween-themed art projects you can do at home!

Thanksgiving Art Ideas - A few of our favorite Thanksgiving art ideas - even for your littlest artists!

Autumn Art Ideas for Kids - A few of our favorite Autumn/Fall art project ideas - even for the youngest artists!

Autumn Art Ideas for BIG Kids - Some of our favorite Autumn-themed art project ideas for kids 8 to 14 (or so).

Zendoodle Art for Kids - Learn to turn your sketches and doodles into ZENdoodles! Great for ages 10 and up.

Christmas-themed Art Ideas - A few of our favorite Christmas Art project ideas - for kids of all ages - adults too!

Snowman-themed Art Ideas - See snowmen in a whole new way with these BAC snowman art favorites.

Winter-themed Art Ideas - A selection of our very favorite winter-themed art projects; something for everyone!

Heart Art Ideas - Four of our very favorite heart-themed art project ideas for all ages and abilities; just plain fun!

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with ART - Build a leprechaun trap, paint a rainbow, make shamrock art; pre-K & up. 

Easter & Spring Art Ideas - Celebrate Easter and springtime with colorful eggs, bunnies, and cherry blossoms!

Springtime Art Making Ideas - Check out our best windy and rainy art finds: kites, puddles, and umbrellas!

Awesome Abstract Art - Anyone can create an amazing abstract art painting, and this post shows you how!

Expressive Self Portrait Art Ideas - Here is a collection of TEN favorite self portrait artwork ideas, plus a Bonus!

Celebrating Polar Bears - Do you love polar bears? Make polar bear art for International Polar Bear Day-Feb. 27!


Expanding Drawing Skills series:

Part 1 - Ready! Set! Action! - Add motion and action to your drawings! Learning video plus seven fun projects! 

Part 2 - Storytelling Through Art - Learn to tell stories by drawing and making your own comic book!

Part 3 - Drawing from Life - Sharpen your drawing skills by sketching and drawing the things around you.

Part 3 (cont.) - Drawing My Room - Learn to observe and draw an "interior," such as your bedroom - or any room!