School-At-Home ART Club


In an abundance of caution, we have chosen to close the Art Studio to observe Idaho's stay-at-home directive and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


However, we WANT our students to KEEP MAKING ART! We understand that  the creative process is valuable and meaningful, especially in stressful or uncertain times. It is an essential means of self-expression, relaxation, fun, and enjoyment. With that being said,


we are now "artists-in-residence!"


The goal of the Blackfoot ART Center is to help our students (meaning everyone!) to continue to be creative, imaginative art-makers.  To achieve this, we are posting art lessons, activities, and project ideas on our weblog. To participate, simply visit our weblog to learn more and to follow along!


n  Lessons will include step-by-step instructions and sample artwork, printable art handouts, and helpful links to additional art instruction websites, videos, and tutorials. 
n  Art supplies needed for most lessons will be common or easily found household materials and recyclables.
n  We will post lessons and project ideas as often as possible, at least three per week. Students are free to decide which projects they would like to do and when to do them.
n  Submit photos of your completed artwork! We would love to post your artwork on our weblog or here on our website or on our Facebook page! 
n  If a lesson suggestion sparks an original art project idea, or if an artist has a unique art-making idea of his/her own, by all means - create it! Originality and creative thinking are what art is all about. Remember to send us a photo of your artwork!

Here is a list of all posted lessons; updated here weekly:


Family Drawing Games - six drawing games

Collaborative Drawing Games - three drawing games

Fill Up Your Paper Drawing Challenges - three fun challenges

Draw and Paint a Bunny - three different ways

Easter Egg Art - four Pysansky egg art ideas + another just for fun!

Every Kid Needs A Sketchbook - why, and how to make your own

Every Kid Needs a Sketchbook 2 - getting into the sketchbook habit

Be a Doodler! - why doodling is good for your brain, doodle games

Wildlife in the City - a fun Earth Day photography project

Earth Day ART Ideas - celebrate Earth Day with even more nature-based art projects for all ages!

Silly Alphabet Drawing Game - create your own personal alphabet by yourself or play the game! 

Expanding Drawing Skills series:

Part 1 - Ready! Set! Action! - add motion and action to your drawings! Learning video plus seven fun projects!