ART CLASS for Grownups


We've started a new Art Class just for grownups!  


Every week we'll work together on something new - such as watercolor techniques, soft pastels or oil pastel projects, drawing from observation, landscape painting, still life painting, canvas painting, collage techniques, mixed media art projects, or whatever we decide to do as a group. 



Art Class for Grownups

Art Class for Grownups meets on Thursdays, 11 am to 1 pm for artists 18 & up. 

One Space is Currently Available. 

Cost is (usually) $15.00 per class and all art supplies are included.

Note: Fees for acrylic paintings on stretched canvas may be higher, depending upon canvas size/type and the painting project. If basic class fees are prepaid (on this website), any additional fees can be paid in class or as arranged with the instructor.

This month (May 2024) we will try a few simple acrylic paintings (through June 2024).  We will be painting a hillside of wildflowers, making mixed media art - and whatever else we decide to do! 


Spring 2024 Art Class for Grownups